Christopher served as Assistant Director on Brady Schwind's immersive reimagining of CARRIE: The Musical at the historic Los Angeles Theatre in Downtown LA. He worked on John Doyle's production of The Exorcist at the Geffen Playhouse, and Joe Orton's What The Butler Saw With Ron Sossi at the Odyssey Theatre EnsembleChristopher is a graduate of the UCLA School of Theatre, where he directed the first workshop production of his original play, SALOME, which received a full production at the Mack Sennet Studios in 2016.

Directing credits include:

REDWOOD by Jacqueline Wright (Montserrat DTLA), Mother's Lament by Shawn Kirchner (LACC Young Men's Ensemble)Conduct of Life by Maria Irene Fornes (LATC)The Part by Jessica Richmond (UglyRhino Productions), A Swing of the Axe by Ben Holbrook (UglyRhino Productions), unanswered messages from unlisted numbers by Christopher Adams-Cohen (DD Gallery)Jam by Christopher Adams-Cohen (Montserrat DTLA), Bremen Freedom by Rainer Werener Fassbinder (UCLA).



by Jacqueline Wright

Production at MONTSERRAT, Los Angeles -- 2016 -- Dir. Christopher Adams-Cohen



by Rainer Werner-Fassbinder

Production at UCLA, Los Angeles -- 2013 -- Dir. Christopher Adams-Cohen



by Christopher Adams-Cohen

Workshop Production at UCLA, Los Angeles -- 2013 -- Dir. Christopher Adams-Cohen