Gob SquaD

"Creation: Pictures for dorian"

"Christopher Adams-Cohen (of the junior-gob-squad group)... impressed with his raven-haired beauty, grace of movement and well-formed limbs... [symbolizing] the spring and early summer stages of our life's cycle." -Kultura Extra

CREATION is inspired by Oscar Wilde's fictional character Dorian Gray, who intervenes in the realm of the divine: an enchanted portrait ages instead of itself and shows the traces of moral missteps. Dorian, however, remains eternally young, beautiful and flawless - but pays for it with his soul. Gob Squad suspect that part of Dorian is in all of us. So what will happen if the glow of the limelight is denied us forever?

Hebbel-Am-Ufer, Berlin // 2018


Tracey Snelling

"FIRST We Take Manhattan"

"...[The highpoint] of the presentation [is] without doubt the life-size "Living Room" and "Bedroom". The flashing inner life of these domestic cells are a call to riotously make up for earlier boredom and indifference... The absurdity of these staged situations seems both random and existential." -Christoph Tannert, Buildings As Sculpture

Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin // 2018






Disco Dining Club, Los Angeles // 2017

Globe Theatre, Los Angeles // 2017


Antoinette's Recurring Dream #3

an immersive performance installation

 in collaboration with Antoinette Adams



a multi-media performance poem

in collaboration with Tommy Schulz, Rachel Rivera and Vasco Cesereti



// a carnal evening of written word and immersive performance //

"Through thrilling installation, interactive vignettes and immersive performance, EROTICA, devised by play collaborative arts, takes you on a vice-fueled journey into the erotics of the written word. After reading a series of titillating stories, an audience of travelers will be led through corresponding worlds that ignite the carnal imagination. EROTICA implements a unique combination of movement, storytelling and ritual that turns on both body and mind."