THE GUARDIAN | 'woozy walk on the Wilde side'

"You could think of this show as [Gob Squad's] midlife crisis, but it is an artful one that melds post-dramatic theatre with ikebana, the Japanese art of flower arranging, to suggest that while youth and beauty stop us in our tracks and make us stare, the ravages of decay and time bring something beautiful, too." -Lyn Gardner. The Guardian


"Christopher Adams-Cohen (of the junior-gob-squad group)... impressed with his raven-haired beauty, grace of movement and well-formed limbs... [symbolizing] the spring and early summer stages of our life's cycle." -Andre Sokolowski, Kultura Extra (translated from German)


Praise for SALOME


STAGE RAW | Recommended (Featured in 'Our Top Ten')

"[Wilde's] subtlety and sharp wit [is here] supplanted by blunt eroticism. Indeed, the sexuality is so pervasive that it is in itself a character in the play... Patrick Kennelly’s gorgeous and detailed direction, Jonathan Snipes jarring sound design and Pablo Santiago-Brandwein lighting (some of the best design I’ve seen in intimate theater) combine to make this a surreal and sexual experience that is simply beautiful to watch..." -Vanessa Cate, Stage Raw

LA WEEKLY | 'Wilde Inspired Salome Has Raw Sex And Simmering Violence In Spades'

"... [Salome is] an avant-garde theatrical experience with plenty of raw sex and simmering violence... spiritually inspired by Oscar Wilde and his play of the same name, Adams-Cohen’s script feels more reminiscent of Noel Coward’s The Vortex, with its struggle between a dissipated society matron and her resentful, messed-up son. That theme, along with the contrast presented between the taciturn, working-class Joe and his spoiled housemate and rich, smirking mom, register as the most substantial elements of the play..." -Deborah Klugman, LA Weekly

SHOWMAG | (Featured in 'Spotlight')

"...the piece [is like a] gay fever-dream... more Kenneth Anger than Oscar Wilde. There are jockstraps, lovemaking, and a possibly desired beating, along with a subversive sense of humor... Adams-Cohen is lithe and feline with a careless sensuality that makes jaded look seductive..." -Michael Van Duzer, Showmag


Features on SALOME

THIS STAGE LA: LA Stage Insider Julio Martinez

"Hollywood has a new outlet for live theater. The Basement at Mack Sennett Studios will inaugurate its new space with the premiere of Salome, “a radically queer reinvention” of the 1891 play by Oscar Wilde, newly adapted by Christopher Adams-Cohen... Adams-Cohen recalls the process:

'I was intensely studying Oscar Wilde’s play Salome while I was still an undergrad at UCLA. I was really drawn to this character, but there was something off about it. What began creeping into my brain was that [Salome] wasn’t a woman at all. She is the gay man’s fantasy of the ultimate femme fatale. That was my jumping-off point. I am very spiritually connected to this play. My work is not so much an adaptation as it is a dialogue with Oscar Wilde’s text. But it is also very much its own story. I have been developing the text for two years and I have been slowly building the team around it as I’ve progressed. It is a little bit in-your-face... [It's] all about [sex and] power, and it takes you to some very dark places. It has been a process of compiling a really fearless team. I am proud that we are going to be the first stage production at The Basement, which is a really stunning, gorgeous space… full of ghosts. We have been transforming it into a proper theater. We’re putting in a full grid. The set includes a bathtub that will have running water. The seating is intimate, around 79 [seats]. It will be very environmental. The audience will be sitting right in the middle of the set, with the actors'..."


Praise for CARRIE: The Musical

LA TIMES | Critics Choice

"...composer Michael Gore, lyricist Dean Pitchford and librettist Lawrence D. Cohen have a take on Stephen King’s horror classic that seems more accomplished than before... The fervent cast has grown into a fearless triple-threat unit, everyone displaying high-voltage singing, dancing and acting... [Director Brady Schwind's] Carrie remains a wildly imaginative theatrical thrill ride -- as previously observed, Cirque du Soleil meets Disneyland with pig’s blood -- now with a fresh patina of Old Hollywood grandeur. See it with someone you love to scream with." -David C Nichols, LA Times




"...Intimacy is UglyRhino's watchword for the brand of immersive theater it has been pioneering. Rejecting the neatly packaged entertainments and the tidy linearities of the well-made play, UglyRhino engineers a broader, more socially engaged mix of theater, live bands, deejays and pre- and post-show partying offering what it calls 'curated cocktails'... It's the social interaction between cast and audience around the formal performances that ultimately defines any UglyRhino event." -Bill Raden LA Weekly