Hecate House

Written by/ Featuring Christopher Adams-Cohen


HECATE HOUSE brings together an international ensemble of artist to compose a uniquely interdisciplinary piece of theatre. When a group of strangers gets caught in a storm in the Black Forest, they’re forced to spend the weekend together in a secluded old hunting lodge. As the characters move deeper into the mysteries of the house, the audience is immersed into a responsive audio-visual landscape pulsing with lush, poetic imagery, live electronic music improvisations, and a narrative structure which shifts into dream-like abstraction.

B’SPOQUE | ‘Sophisticated, provocative, avant-garde.’

I HEART BERLIN | ‘…an experimental experience that will stimulate all your senses…’

BERLINER ZEITUNG | ‘…[the characters] are asked to face their darkest fears and deepest desires — and so is the audience…’

WORLD PREMIERE: Theater Im Delphi, Berlin // 2019

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Creation (Pictures for dorian)

Created with Gob Squad

Featuring Christopher Adams-Cohen

CREATION is the realm of gods and artists, who create beauty through sheer will and their own bare hands. But who decides what is beautiful? And what are the concealed mechanisms of power that lie within the triangular relationship of artist, object and viewer?

THE STAGE | ‘… sly yet sumptuous, playfully experimental yet heady and deeply human.’

LA TIMES | ‘…relatable, entertaining, strikingly human theater.’

KULTURA EXTRA |Christopher Adams-Cohen... impresses with his raven-haired beauty and grace of movement...’

WORLD PREMIERE: Hebbel-Am-Ufer, Berlin // 2018

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Written by / Featuring Christopher Adams-Cohen

This radically queer reinvention of the ancient tale of SALOME, spiritually inspired by the transgressive sexuality of Oscar Wilde's poetic study of the ultimate femme fatale, incites a militantly erotic epiphany for the 21st century.

STAGE RAW | “…a surreal and sexual experience that is simply beautiful to watch..."

SHOWMAG | “…[a] gay fever-dream... more Kenneth Anger than Oscar Wilde.“

LA WEEKLY | “…an avant-garde theatrical experience with plenty of raw sex and simmering violence... “

WORLD PREMIERE: Mack Sennet Studios, Los Angeles // 2016 // Lunar River Productions

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ANTOinette’s Recurring Dream

Created by Christopher ADams-Cohen / Antoinette Adams

‘When I think of my mother, I think of the neat row of Chanel makeup cases I used to disrupt when I was alone in her bathroom as a child. Sat on the tiled floor, I examined each lipstick, each polish, each powder – exploring the empty spaces carved out by her makeup brushes. I imagine that, tracing those markings, I might inhabit her negative space.’

ANTOINETTE’S RECURRING DREAM is a performance installation developed in ongoing collaboration between mother and son. The opening tableau finds performer Christopher Adams-Cohen surrounded by panels streaked with inky images of his mother Antoinette Adams' recurring dreamscapes. In an act of aesthetic transference, we see the performer attempting to penetrate his mother's most private stores of fear, longing and regret.

Räume Group Exhibition, Viktoria Building, Berlin // 2017

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FIRST We Take Manhattan

Created with Tracey Snelling

Featuring Christopher Adams-Cohen

A series of performances created in collaboration with visual artist Tracey Snelling, for her solo exhibition at the Künstlerhaus Bethanien (2018).

‘The flashing inner life of these domestic cells are a call to riotously make up for earlier boredom and indifference... The absurdity of these staged situations seems both random and existential.’ -Christoph Tannert, Building As Sculpture

Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin // 2018

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Created by Christopher Adams-Cohen

for Disco Dining Club

A surrealist meditation on memory loss, conflated identity and the pagan worship of Hollywood’s last great star, ELIZABETH weaves its way in and out of audience consciousness as the evening descends into decadent excess. Created in collaboration with critically-acclaimed immersive party series Disco Dining Club - with subsequent showings at Downtown’s historic Globe Theatre.

PLAYBOY | ‘Disco Dining Club invites me in with open arms to a familiar kind of weird I’m ready to lose myself in.’

LOS ANGELES TIMES | ‘It has the heart of an after-hours club but revels in the gilded decadence most below-radar nightlife is out to destroy.’

BRAVO | ‘Disco Dining Club is Chez Panisse meets Studio 54.’

Disco Dining Club, Los Angeles // 2017

Globe Theatre, Los Angeles // 2017